April 2016

PDT Weighting


  My PDT weighting: P 35% ••••••• D 25% ••••• T 40% ••••••••   People – 35%: The project is driven by insights and requirements gathered from real users and…

Critical Review


215 days ago, I started my final year with an inkling of a direction I would be interested in pursuing, but I had no idea how far I would…

One Great Image, 100 Words & One Minute Video


Day 212 – Videos of Interactions


This post contains a series of short videos showcasing the key interactions embedded in the ~yougra.ph system. note: this is not my final one minute video. Signing up:…

Day 200 – Building a Web Application


Tools: PHP HTML5 CSS jQuery JavaScript   Building out the web application was one of the most challenging parts of my project. Since first year I’ve been learning and…

Day 196 – Building a Messaging Service

20160427-P1030636 copy

The final iteration of ~yougra.ph’s messaging service draws on much of the previous code that I had used for the Twilio messaging service in my Mark 1 and Mark 2 prototypes.  However,…

Day 195 – Data Structures


Almost every web application and system deals with data in some regard. yougra.ph relies extensively on data collection and visualisation and as a result, I spent some time working…

Day 193 – Designing a Web Application


  Up until now, I had been designing and testing with small independent components of what has become my final design. For my final iteration I needed to…