Feedback I received from my concept presentation at the end of last semester suggested a requirement to gather ‘actual (or at least highly representative) content’.

As a response to this, I created ‘seven:‘.

seven:‘ is an A6 24 page booklet which was given to participants and allows them to record their anxiety or mood levels for a week. This is recorded via an annotatable graph for each day of the week alongside a final graph for overall reflection.


Two versions were created. One for mood levels and another for anxiety levels.



seven:‘ for recording anxiety levels.



seven:‘ for recording mood.


In the introduction, emphasis is placed on allowing personal expression. It states: ‘This is about you, and helping you record, reflect and understand your own emotional states’. As a result, the booklets were not returned after the test. Instead, a Typeform survey was issued to participants. I have asked participants to create copies of their graphs without annotations for me to use in concept development.



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sevenv1-6 sevenv1-5


I’m currently developing a version two of ‘seven:‘ to be distributed to a different group of participants.