Last week I distributed ‘seven:’ booklets to five participants. After the week was up, the participants kept their booklet. This was because I wanted my participants to engage fully, knowing it could potentially contain sensitive content. Instead, I asked the participants to fill out a brief survey asking about their experience.

The survey asked the participants how they used the booklet as well as open questions about their week of recording anxiety and mood.

Additional feedback was provided informally during coffee discussions. Feedback was predominantly positive giving an indication that the booklet was used as desired. However, suggestions were also received which were used to inform a second version.


Below are screenshots of the qualitative results of the survey.


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 14.51.09


I made a second version of seven which will be distributed to a new set of participants. This new version has a graph on the top half of the spread and a space for notes on the bottom half. At the end of the week, the participant cuts the booklet in half, and returns the top section. This data will be used to create representative data to take forward into my future prototypes.