In my advisor meeting yesterday, Andrea suggested I reinvestigate the rise of messaging interfaces (something I mentioned at guru’s day). While the style of interface is relevant, I’m looking to use text message as a raw input opposed to a ‘smart interface’ which the following articles discuss.

These apps are commonly categorised as ‘invisible’ or ‘conversational’ apps.


And an article talking about SMS as a medium and apps as personas.

An excerpt from the above article:

Text is the most socially useful communication technology. It works well in 1:1, 1:N, and M:N modes. It can be indexed and searched efficiently, even by hand. It can be translated. It can be produced and consumed at variable speeds. It is asynchronous. It can be compared, diffed, clustered, corrected, summarized and filtered algorithmically. It permits multiparty editing. It permits branching conversations, lurking, annotation, quoting, reviewing, summarizing, structured responses, exegesis, even fan fic. The breadth, scale and depth of ways people use text is unmatched by anything.

Jonathon Libov