Today I successfully got an API key for the Big Huge Thesaurus API.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 14.33.25

The api will allow me to crosscheck words to detect if a word or any of its synonyms are part of a ‘feelings words’ dictionary I am in the process of creating.

It will be used in conjunction with a list of negative feeling words which I originally got from Momentum Counselling. This has been expanded on through a dictionary I designed to accompany ‘seven:’ alongside online research: Negative Feeling Words List

My application was as follows:

I’m working on a student project for a text message based ‘stress/anxiety diary’ which detects keywords and gives entries an authoritative ‘stress/anxiety level’.

The record & visualisation will be used in support/therapy sessions to recognise patterns in thinking which can be challenged through the use of ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ and ‘acceptance and commitment therapy’ methods.

The Big Huge Thesaurus API will be used to detect synonyms of keywords which will create more accurate ‘authoritative levels’

You can check out my blog about the project here: