We’ve just cut into week three… things are ramping up. The studio environment is beginning to feel a little stressy.

I spent the first half of last week working on my dissertation research project (deesign Magazine) – following the passing of the deadline for submissions.

The second half of the week was spent mapping out the two project proposals I was left with after my introductory tutorial with Chris Lim – ‘website.3d’ & ‘anxiary’

Yesterday following a tutorial with Chris and Andrea I decided on a final direction for my honours project.  The three dimensional websites idea was beginning to take traction following a successful technical test (found at lab.rc3.me/3d), however in their (and a few other studio pals) opinions, it seemed to be verging a little to close to an art project.  Perhaps if I was studying a graphic design or some sort of visual art course, it may make more sense.  On top of this, Andrea suggested that it didn’t quite have the ‘people’ grounding out of the PDT requirements of our course and process.

On explaining my other project (currently named ‘anxiary’) and its personal grounding, both Chris and Andrea seemed very supportive of me pursuing it.

The next step is to do some expansive thinking in order to find the route my research will investigate in advance of putting together a board for presenting my idea on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

One thing which worries me (sweet sweet irony) is that the project is steeped in personal experience. It’s pretty well known amongst my peers that I struggled with severe anxiety in my second year of university – following the death of my grandmother and accelerated by a concussion.  I spent 9 months on and off of antidepressants and constantly in and out of the doctors and the university’s counselling service with no idea what was causing it.

In order for this project to be successful, I’ll have to find other sources than my own experiences to draw insights from.  Occasional pub discussions and other casual chats have gifted me contacts which I’ll be getting in touch with as initial research over the coming weeks.


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