This post is a work in progress while I change things around as my final MK1 prototype concept takes shape.


On Monday, I will be presenting my Mark 1 Prototype along with research I have carried out this semester which has defined it.


MK1 Concept:


  • Moriarty


  • A digital tool to help individuals recognise, track and understand their negative thoughts.


  • Automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and the vicious circles they can create are contributing factors for mental health issues which affect up to 1/3 of the UK population. These ‘anxious/stressful/depressive’ thoughts can accelerate and lead to spikes in emotional volatility.
  • Moriarty is a digital tool which gives individuals whose lives are heavily affected by ANTs to log, track and understand the way they think in order to change their thought behaviour through CBT sessions.


  • Text message input
  • Online dashboard
  • Paper print outs

key concepts:

  • Defusing thought -> taking thoughts and separating them from you, recognising them for what they are and letting them go.
  • Slowing down thinking -> using writing/logging to slow down thinking when experience a spike in negative thoughts.
  • Recognising patterns -> allowing the user and their support professionals to recognise patterns in their thinking to better prepare for situations and challenge negative thoughts.
  • Authoritative -> recognises words as negative thinking to give the user an authoritative indication of the way they think.


A brief recap of my ongoing key research methods & insights which defined this:


  • Interviews with ‘support professionals’ -doctors/counsellors/therapists/clinical psychologists
    • Lesley Howells – Maggie’s Centre Head & Clinical Psychologist
    • Caroline Adamson – Head Counsellor & Clinical Lead, University of Dundee Counselling Service
    • Rodney Mountain – Surgeon, consultant and “Healthcare ‘Design and Innovation’ lead”, Ninewells, Dundee
    • (next week) Heidi Fetter – Counsellor, Momentum Counselling Services
  • Ongoing interviews/with participants – “young people affected by anxiety/severe-stress/overthinking”
    • Regular coffee chats to discuss their ‘negative thinking’, support scenarios and to show them my ideas/concepts.
  • Persona creation
    • To act as a proxy for my participants – give me users to design for without showcasing real people with sensitive issues.
    • Also informed by insights from ‘support professionals’
  • “Seven:” probe/prototype
    • A booklet to test recording of anxious/stressful thoughts
      • To test if writing them down and recording associated perceived anxiety/stress levels ‘pragmatically’ would
  • Trail of Thought Machine
    • A machine to slow down thought.
      • Pushing the idea of writing as thought slowing to an extreme through an interactive artefact.