Yesterday I presented my recent research updates, user test findings and prototypes in our Mark 2 Presentation.

This was the penultimate presentation before our viva on the 9/10 of May.


Research update:



  • Moriarty Level Printer
    • inuse
    • Prints out seismograph style readouts of a user’s Moriarty Scores over a day or week.
  • Message Log v2
    • Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.39.18
    • Allows users to see their messages from a week in moriarty.ttf and toggle seeing their thoughts in plain text by clicking the thought.
  • One Week Visualisation
    • jsjsjs
    • An online dashboard which allows users to see their spikes in Moriarty score across a week. Allowing for pattern recognition.


User Test Findings (so far):

  • The text message service needs to have a reply.
    • Otherwise increases anxiety and discourages users to keep using the service.
    • Looks out of place without replies.
    • Graphics are good, reminds user that they’re talking to a machine
      • Don’t try to be a human, only give the facts.
  • It needs to be very clear that the service uses encryption and only the user will see the thoughts they put it.
    • Should be treated as ‘a quick scribble’ of your thoughts and nothing more.
  • The service acts best as reassurance that everything isn’t OK. It acts as proof to friends/family/counsellors/doctors.
    • Shows that the downs really hit hard, but also you can feel okay during it too.
  • A week was the best reference timeframe due to the different ups and downs you can have in the period.
  • The visual language is a ‘refreshing’ pragmatic approach to a topic which is usually treated in a patronising way.
  • Preferred physical print outs over online dashboards.
    • However, a single purpose website was quite tranquil. No need to overcomplicate, just give the facts/printout.