This semester’s second deadline comes in the form of designing and building a set of ‘PDT Boxes’. PDT stands for ‘People Design Technology’ and is a broad stroke used to quickly break down our projects into sections. Each box represents our thinking on each of these sections and comes together to represent our project so far as a whole. These boxes are used as talking points at the first important event in our honours’ year calendar, Gurus’ Day.

Gurus’ Day is a one-day event where external designers and other relevant practitioners visit our studio to see what we’re doing, give feedback and take part in a panel discussion. Each ‘guru’ has a unique skill set, career path and ability to help shape our projects or ask us questions we may not have thought to answer.

The PDT boxes I created intend to represent the problem’s depth & direct inaccessibility through visual metaphors manifested in the boxes’ form. Three layers of clear acrylic are each laser etched with a different section of the text/image contents. The text in the boxes only reads clearly when looked at from an exact viewpoint – intending the viewer to shift their perspective to match. Adding a z-axis to the text also serves as a way to illustrate the vicious circle and the pit it can lead individuals into.

Images below: