Yesterday was Gurus’ Day – a full day of discussions with outside experts about our projects and the directions we were heading in. Using my PDT boxes as reference points, I spoke with 5 gurus about my project.

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Key points:


David Todd (Seymour Powell)

  • Try and find flag fliers, people who are willing to openly speak about their stories of anxiety.
  • Mobile phones and especially messaging/communication services are considered private, elusive spaces.


Alistair Norris (IDEO)

  • Use online resources like /r/anxiety to understand how people talk about anxiety with one another.
  • Look at data recording and visualisations in other spaces.
  • There is a deep challenge in creating something which captures a trigger without creating a trigger in itself.
  • Be deeply aware of the tone of voice you use.


David Hill (Barclays)

  • Creating a mechanism to think about yourself outside of yourself may be constructive within a moment of sever anxiety.
  • Dial into support services and understand the core philosophies of the therapies they use.


Finlay Craig (Barclays)

  • Try and avoid the service acting as a reminder that the user has an issue. It has to be constructive and used as a building block for improvement.


Jo Hodge (DJCAD)

  • Be careful when using phones as papers have proven that screens can potentially cause anxiety.
  • Identify what the most important variables to record are.
    • Is this what, where or how?
  • It needs to seamlessly integrate into a user’s life.



Scratch notes:

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