With the slide submission deadline for our end of semester presentation fast approaching, I thought it best to take 20 minutes to write down exactly what I’ve done over the last 65 days of my honours project under three sections – People, Design, Technology


  • Interviewed the University of Dundee counselling service twice about how they treat anxiety.
  • Spoke to three individuals who have different forms of anxiety
    • A: Generalised Anxiety Disorder
    • B: Sporadic Episodes of Anxiety
    • C: Anxiety/Depression (Interviewed twice)
  • Email exchanges with Mental Health Foundation
  • Email exchanges with Quynh Pham
    • Winner of the Janice Sinson Research Award for research conducted into using apps to combat panic attacks.
  • Distributed a survey on the place of private communication technologies in young people’s lives
  • Attended a course run by the University of Dundee counselling service called “Living Life To The Full” – an introduction to basic understanding of anxiety/depression & CBT techniques
  • Read “Visual CBT” & “The Little CBT Workbook”
    • Kickstarting my understanding of ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’
  • Monitored the subreddit /r/anxiety to understand how people who have anxiety speak to each other about their issues.
  • As recommended by the counselling service, honed in on young people in transitional states of their lives – Gender non-specific, but thinking about focusing on young males who are underrepresented in the support systems.
  • Investigated the neurological issues at play during the transition from adolescence to adulthood



  • Given the importance of self-understanding and recognition, I focused on looking at messaging and digital communication
    • Investigated the tone of voice used by FRANK
      • Frank is primarily aimed at young people
    • Messaging as UI
    • Put out a survey asking what people perceive as the most personal/trustworthy communication platform.
  • Started considering using a metaphor to bridge the gap in time based data visualisation
    • Weather Systems
    • “there’s a storm brewin'” – How the weather is reported
    • Seismograph
      • Stress/anxiety related keywords could make the seismograph needle spike



  • Touching base with the evangelist team at Twilio to see if they could help me out with some credit for the project.
  • Looking at IFTTT Do
    • Able to quickly record place and time on a smart phone.
  • Getting back into HTML, CSS, & JS – I’ve also begun to start learning Angular JS (A javascript framework for creating interactive web apps)
  • Bought a Raspberry Pi Zero
    • Could be used for a physical data visualisation portion of the project. Perhaps paired with a thermal printer