Week one flew by with plenty of exploration of my three concepts as well as a day spent working on deesign Magazine. Everyone seems to have settled into a vague 9/10 – 5/6 routine & though the studio is busy, the “headphones on – shhhh I need to concentrate” unwritten rule seems to be working well.

I started last week with three concepts, whittled it down to two, and now I am leaning towards one.  Progress.

Yesterday I spent the day exploring the technical feasibility of physical websites. Whether or not it would be possible to create websites in real life out of real physical objects & then represent them accurately using web technologies. Last week I made a ‘physical <a>’  out of a block of wood, white spray paint & 15mm Helvetica Condensed letraset – all coming together to a web button which exists in the three dimensional world. I took some tests shots backed on green screen down in the DJCAD production studio.

These came out great. They actually look really nice as visual pieces. I’m thinking about getting some of them professionally printed and hanging them on my wall.


One of the shots from my 'physical ' test shots.

One of the shots from my ‘physical ‘ test shots.

The green background led me instantly to investigate chroma keying (removing the green/blue from a photo/video with a green/blue background) and subsequently found out that plenty of people had already create Javascript libraries which did this in less than 100 lines of code!

I set up a little green screen corner on my desk and put the ‘physical <a>’ as well as a ‘physical <p>’ in it, then took a video. Hacking apart the js-chroma-key library I found on Github, I was able to isolate the elements to create what could be seen as a ‘real life website’ – It’s possible.

Chroma keying could be an interesting way of isolating elements and assigning what they do. Eg, a pink object links to A, or a purple object submits X etc – each relating to a special function which HTML currently provides.

This experiment can be found at lab.rc3.me/3d


I’m going to spend the rest of this week exploring my other idea related to recording feelings of anxiety & tracking their triggers.