Recently I’ve had a bit of a fascination with randomness.

It all started a year ago on an interrailling trip around Europe. In Prague my friends & I got lost. We liked it – To the extent we wanted to get lost some more. We cracked out a big Czech 5 Kč coin & flipped it at every junction. Heads right, tails left.
It was really fun & is something I’ve got a little obsessed about. Not quite this far, but getting there.

I’ve introduced this into my design work to an extent. When I designed & built my website in December I aimed to add personality and little flourished which landed me with party mode. On hover of my logo it changes to a random colour, chosen from an predefined array.


Currently I’m working on deesign Magazine. A magazine showcasing an eclectic mix of design projects from Dundee creatives. To represent the eclecticism I created a dynamic logo which changes on every instance. Every load will be different, unique & sometimes a bit weird – Just like the magazine.

Now I want to take that a step further & work with the randomness coming into the layout of the magazine. I’m working on a tool which will generate a random layout for each project showcase & article.

No control… just for fun.

Layout design by not designing?