I’m going to continually be posting links to relevant resources in here as I find them across the year.


The Guardian – Living with anxiety: Britain’s silent epidemic

The Guardian – How anxiety scrambles your brain & makes it hard to learn

Psychology Today – Make self talk work for you.

Psychology Today – Perfectionism, Anxiety, Depression.

Pinterest – Quotes, stats & stories about anxiety & depression.

Harvard Health Blog – The adolescent brain, beyond hormones.

Yale School of Medicine – Adolescence: Vulnerable Period for Stress Induced Prefrontal Cortical Function? (Female orientated)

QZ – The Mental Health Crisis in Our Kids

Huffington Post – Depression in Men

Anxiety stats:

ONS – Measuring Wellbeing (2014)

MHF – Anxiety Stats

Mind UK – Anxiety & Panic Attacks

MHF – Living With Anxiety (2014)

MHF – Mental Health, Fundamental Facts (2007)